CMS Fiona 8 

Powerful Content Management Software for enterprises with fast, consistent and intuitive user interface

Reduce costs 

with a process automation which includes shared permissions and smart workflow setup.

Save time 

with a rich selection of included widgets, robust templates and built-in SEO tools.

Be flexible 

and easily extend - with our rich API you can readily integrate external applications.

Stay secure 

we keep the highest standards for your data privacy and provide GDPR ready functionalities.

Powerful features

Drawing of an particle representing ReactJS
  • JavaScript and ReactJS development
  • All client-side components available as open source
  • Excellent documentation
  • 2nd level hotline 
  • Rich set of free example codes
  • Can be hosted in professional data centres
  • 24/7 support on request
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  • API for integrations
  • High-performance CDN
  • Search powered by Elastic
  • Usage-based pricing
  • Support level: 24x7 on request
  • Service availability 99.95%
  • Professional support
  • API for external user management
  • GDPR compliant

Drawing of an user interface


  • WYSWIG editing
  • Widgets as building blocks
  • Auto-saving as you type
  • Drag-and-drop editing
  • Media asset management
  • Cross-device preview
  • Automatic image scaling

Drawing of people with arrows between them representing collaboration, teamwork


  • Individual working copies
  • Real-time, collaborative editing
  • History and roll-back
  • Customizable permissions and roles
  • Consistent publishing
  • User management

What's new in Fiona 8?

CMS Fiona 8 is based on JavaScript and ReactJS, a browser-side web application environment that is fast and secure, providing the best editor and visitor experience

Websites built with Fiona 8 are JavaScript applications running in the browser, interacting with the CMS to provide your content to the visitors super fast

Fiona 8 is built primarily for on-premise hosting, allowing enterprises full control over the technologies used, for instance content storage or monitoring

Advanced functionality Most intuitive content creation, editing, and publishing tool available CMS Fiona comes with full-fledged editing and publishing tools, enabling users to author and maintain all types of web content, from landing pages to complex, multi-page and multi-language websites. Our ingenious widget technology makes working with pages and assets a breeze. Boxes, sliders, headlines, images, etc., serve as building blocks for your pages. Combine them as you wish to give your pages the look and feel you want. Reorganize them using drag and drop, reuse them by copy-pasting them wherever needed. All your edits are saved automatically. Websites built with Fiona 8 support pre-rendering as well as automatic image resizing to make the pages load blazingly fast on devices of all types, from mobile phones to desktops. The built-in image editor allows content creators to get the best out of their images without having to use third-party software. With the built-in content browser, it is extra-easy to upload images, categorize them, crop, resize, apply filters, etc. SEO tools support you with providing sitemaps, page-specific metadata, setting search engine indexing options, defining rich snippets, and a lot more. Working copies and live updating for collaborative editing Our working copies are designed to help you easily master the challenges posed by collaborative content production. Being virtual copies of your published content, working copies let you create and edit content individually or as a team or as several teams. You can publish all your changes in one step, or any number of altered pages you select.Fiona’s live updating allows editors working on the same page in the same working copy to see all the updates made, almost in real-time. Collaboration has never been easier. Enterprise-readiness through high security standards, flexibility, and extensibility CMS Fiona 8 is easy to set up and host. It is delivered as downloadable components that are ready to run on all major platforms and can be hosted in professional data centers or alternatively connected to cloud services.Due to its versatile APIs and interfaces, CMS Fiona 8 can be integrated with your existing IT infrastructure, with technologies you use. Fiona 8 is fully API compatible.Fiona’s user management includes configurable identity providers and role-based permissions (e.g. for creating working copies or publishing them). Workflows ensure that all the steps required in the authoring and publishing process are conducted in the intended manner and order. Our CMS supports multilingual and international content. Its extensive customization options and integration capabilities help businesses in all industries and of all sizes. Thanks to an easy-to-integrate strict content security policy (CSP), websites developed with Fiona 8 can be effortlessly delivered in a way that is compliant with today's high-security standards.Web analytics can be integrated easily for tracking performance and goals using services like Google Analytics. The built-in Elasticsearch engine allows you to provide search functionality to your website visitors and also covers internal searches. Fiona 8 is highly compatible and extensible. The JavaScript ecosystem is backed by a huge community that provides solutions to innumerable use cases related to business functionality, design matters, integration challenges, and much more.Extensive documentation, as well as several support levels up to 24/7, are available.

Technology and integration

Infopark CMS Fiona 8 is based on universally recognized, fully documented industry standards. Its open architecture allows you to deliver modern single-page JavaScript apps, following the JAMstack principle. In both cases, common web standards enable you to easily integrate systems that are based on different technologies or platforms, e.g. enterprise-critical ERP or CRM applications.

Infopark's solution represents a solid though flexible basis for quickly utilizing third-party web services (provided, for example, by our WebCRM) and embedding their functionality in your site.

Installation and maintenance

Fiona 8 is made available as Docker images. Docker is a tool for creating, deploying, managing and running applications using containers. Containers facilitate scaling your web application, they packages up code and all its dependencies so the application runs quickly and reliably from one computing environment to another.